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Hoop Dance Classes
taught by Esther Archambeault

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Hoop Dance Class
classes start up, Saturday, August 28, 1pm
join at anytime
Hoop Class Overview
Each week will introduce a new element to the hoop dance and hooping
staying on a progressive track.
Introduction to the possibilities with the hoop and hoop dancing
Classes will begin with waist
hooping and focus on different exercises to
improve comfort within the hoop.
Learning the basics to begin walking and turning,
with the hoop.
As the class progresses each week
elements such as a focus on waist
hooping, on grip, movement, speed, and passes
around the body.

Everything from critical moves in hoop dance,
like the vortex to get your flow with the hoop
to shimmying the hoop up the
body, chest hoop, and connect the moves
that you learn.
As the class cycles, students will be prompted
to pick a song they like and dance at
the studio( not required, just fun!). Your opportunity to have fun with your own creativity with the hoop.
Discover the fun, movement and your "inner" hoop.
Get Your Hoop Dance On

Making Hoops Availible:
Hoops will be available for
classes, and students have the option
to take one home for a deposit.

Class Fee:
Six classes for $55, 8 classes for $65
or 10 classes for $75
Drop-ins are welcome
at $12 per class

Art Space at Crestwood Court, Dance Co-op St. Louis
Crestwood Court, Space #30

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